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I had this friend... Rose, her name was. Rose.

And we were together.

We Were Together - A Doctor/Rose Community
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Welcome to We Were Together! This isn't just another Doctor/Rose community, we want to do something a little bit different here. We feel that in other communities discussions often get buried under pages of fanfiction and that's why we created a place where discussion will be the main attraction. If you want to actually talk about the Doctor and Rose rather than just read about them, this is the community for you!

What We're About
- It's no secret that some parts of fandom have a hostile attitude towards Rose and her relationship with the Doctor and because of that a lot of fans as well as communities have decided to lock their posts and moderate memberships. However, this community does not have moderated membership and we hope it never has to. All posts will remain unlocked. We have nothing to hide and we are not ashamed of our love for the Doctor and Rose.

- Anyone who enjoys the relationship between the Doctor and Rose is welcome to join. Whether you view their relationship as romantic or as simple friendship doesn't matter to us, as long as you are here to talk positively about them. However, if you are offended by the idea of the Doctor and Rose being romantically involved, this is not the community for you. We allow discussion of Ten/Rose, Nine/Rose, as well as other incarnations of the Doctor with Rose.

- We want a happy, drama-free community. We're interested in healthy debate, not flame-wars. We want to believe that no one will start drama on purpose. We trust that you're all mature enough to respect the opinions of others. We're leaving this community entirely open in all good faith, please don't make us regret it. We will start locking posts and restricting membership if it becomes necessary.

-Play nice. We will not tolerate bashing of any characters or pairings or members. This is a community to talk about how much you like the Doctor and Rose, not how much you dislike other characters or pairings.

-Discussion posts are encouraged. However, please give it some substance, one sentence posts are not allowed. In depth meta, reaction posts, questions and polls about the Doctor and Rose are welcome as well. News about the show is allowed as long as it concerns the Doctor and Rose.

-Fanfiction is not allowed in this community. However, we don't want to ban fanfiction entirely, we like fanfiction! Therefore we've decided to allow fic recommendations. You can post these directly to the community, using this form:

-Icons/wallpapers/headers/etc are not allowed either. Picspams are allowed, but we encourage you to include your thoughts and motivations in making the picspam in order to spark discussions. The moderators will post daily Doctor/Rose moments, each including a cap and a quote. Members are welcome to share their favorite screencaps and quotes too.

-Fanmixes and fanvids are allowed, however these posts need to be friends locked. When posting fanmixes with covers, please keep preview images to 150x150 pixels or less. If you're posting a fanvid with a preview image, keep it to 300x200 pixels or less. You can also recommend fanvids by using the form below:

-You must use lj-cuts when posting or discussing spoilers. Any information regarding episodes that have yet to air in the UK are considered spoilers and should remain under a cut until a week after broadcast. If you're not sure wether you should use a cut or not, use a cut. Better be safe than accidently spoil it for the other members.

-Links to other journals and communities are forbidden, except for recommendations and news. Everything else must be posted direcly to this community in order to make it easier for the members to interact with each other.

-Please tag your posts to help us keep the community organized. You can find a list of our tags here

-If you need help, have a question or want to affiliate you can contact one of the mods (takethewords and yourfavoritesky) through our Page-A-Mod post.