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10 October 2008 @ 11:15 am
[rewatch] weekly discussion post 1.5 "world war three"  
Here is where you can discuss anything you like about this week's episode, "World War Three"! Feel free to answer some or all of the discussion questions, but those are optional and just there to give you ideas of what to talk about. Go forth and squee! :)

The fiendish Slitheen have been unmasked as the ones who crashed the spaceship into London as part of a ruse to trigger World War Three. But how can The Doctor save the planet when he's trapped inside a locked room?

Discussion questions:
What are your overall thoughts on the episode?
What were some of your favorite Doctor/Rose moments?
Do you have a favorite quote from this episode?
Did you catch anything rewatching the episode that you hadn't noticed before?