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04 October 2008 @ 12:33 pm
rewatch week five: world war three  

This week we're watching World War Three. You can find the rules for the rewatch here. Remember, we encourage you all to post vids, picspams, fic and other fandom things related to this episode all week long!

And tonight we'll be hosting another viewing party, as we do every Saturday night. The last two have been a lot of fun so if you haven't participated you've been missing out! It's a great way to relive all your favorite Doctor/Rose moments and squee with like minded people. ;)

The viewing party for this episode is tonight at 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time, the link to the chatroom will be posted at 6:30. We hope we see you there! And if you'd like to, please pimp the rewatch/viewing party in your journals using this code: